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More Region 8 Holiday Happenings

Hi All, There have been many different activities taking place in the region over the last week or so and I have not had the time to post until now so, I want to send a little update with a few of the different events that have taken place locally.

First I wanted to mention that the Region 8 Women’s Program had their Lose to win finale and a great time was had by all. There was good food and great camaraderie. The participants in the program successfully lost over 70lbs collectively. Congrats to all for working hard to stay healthy. Here are some photos from the midpoint weigh in and the finale.

Next, Statewide and Upstate Caribbean American members had been working on selling raffle tickets with partial proceeds to go to the hurricane damaged islands of the caribbean.


and last but certainly not least, the PEF Black Caucus upstate chapter held a meet and greet at the HotSpot in Albany last night, to discuss the upcoming activities of the group. Please keep an eye on this page for further information about activities around the MLK Memorial Events planned and in the capital region as well as events planned to coincide with the NYS Black and Puerto Rican Caucus weekend (February 16th,17th and 18th).


2017 Holiday Meet and Greet Upstate Chapter of PEF Black Caucus