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Hi Everyone,
Wanted to share why we are engaged in a campaign to re-engage, reconnect and recommit our members to stand strong with our union. Let’s UNITE  against anti-union forces, We are stronger together!


Region 8 Events

Hi Folks,

Wanted to make sure everyone was aware that the PEF Caribbean American, Hispanic, and Retiree Committees, along with the PEF Black Caucus will be working at the Albany Tulip Festival to bring Labor Awareness and share our concerns regarding the proposed NYS Constitutional Convention. If you were planning to attend the festival, please stop by and see them.

Flyer_Tulip Fest 2017

Worksite Meeting at 99 Washington Ave Tomorrow Tuesday 5/2/17

Department of Health Division 205 is Sponsoring a worksite meeting at 99 Washington Ave tomorrow. Stop by to say hello and talk about what’s new and what’s important for members to know. 

Microsoft Word - Building PEF Power Template3.docx

PEF Indo-American Committee Meeting Tuesday April 25th @ PEF HQ


To print copy of flyer click here: PEFIACEventTuesdayApril25th2017A

Region 8 Science Update

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know about the latest local initiative. This time it is our Scientists who are looking for your support. The member who asked me to post this said “I never thought that we would have to seek support for basic science. I always thought that it was understood, Science is how we build our understanding of the world.” and “Science is not partisan. Protecting our world and the people in it is not a partisan issue.”

Please go out and support your fellow members.  For more information go here:

March for Science Poster