UPDATE: Member Engagement/Internal Organizing Training Scheduled this past weekend 2/6/16 was “Excellent” according to many attendees

Many member activists attended this past weekends training. Members were trained in the skills of reaching out to and engaging with other members. We are only as strong as our ties to one another and this training was all about how to strengthen and build upon that principal. I am happy that so many folks came out to participate and I hope to offer more training in the future.

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Sorry for the short notice folks. There is still space available. Please Join us for dynamic and important training!

I am writing to let you know about a training opportunity available to all members interested in helping to save our UNION! I have setup a training session on Internal Organizing/Member Engagement.  The training will be Saturday February 6th,  2016 at PEF headquarters  from 9:30 AM til 3:30 PM.  PEF staff will provide a program designed to inform you about our organizing efforts as preparation for the Friedrichs case in the United State Supreme Court involving public unions.  Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to me  or Tara Bentley at tbentley@pef.org or 785-1900 ext 215 Enclosed is a brief synopsis of the program:

Member Engagement: The Power of an Easy Ask

As you may know the Supreme Court will rule on the case Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association by this June, and we are predicting a disastrous result for unions: the Court is expected to rule that we may no longer charge non-members a “Fair Share Fee” for the union’s duty to negotiate contracts  and provide representation on their behalf. This will mean not only lost revenue from current fee-payers, but possibly catastrophic losses if members begin to flee or new workers cannot be signed.

The solution is active member engagement. When such threats have faced unions in the past, it has been the least engaged members who cut and run. But when unions make ongoing member engagement their core priority, we remain strong and united.

In this training we will develop the core skills needed to make member engagement effective. These include:

1) The Structured Conversation

2) Targeting an “Ask”

3) Assessing a Conversation and

4) Charting and Mapping the Workplace

The training will be led by Elric Kline, one of PEF’s professional Organizers. Elric has been with PEF for more than two years, working to develop tools and strategies particular to our members’ needs. Before that, he was the Capital District Organizer for the Working Families Party, where he earned a reputation for top-notch conversation training and leadership development as the Field Director for Cecilia Tkaczyk’s successful underdog 2012 state  senate campaign. His training draws on a broad knowledge of political psychology and organizational modeling, thanks to more than 13 years of academic training up to a Ph.D. in Political Science.

Please help me to help all of us! Join the fight to save our union!

In Solidarity,

Michael Blue

Region 8 Coordinator


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