Okay Folks, Its the final push for a budget. Please call your legislators!

Tell your legislators that you don’t support the new NYS Design and Construction Act to create a new Authority with the power to circumvent the rules.  Companies doing projects for NYS state should have state employees inspecting the work to assure quality and value for NYS Taxpayers!

Not sure of who your legislator is, follow this link: http://www.pef.org/action-center/find-your-elected-officials/

NYS Assembly  518-455-4100

NYS  Senate      518-455-2800

From: Amorosi, Gregory
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 11:34 AM
To: Spence, Wayne
Subject: Budget updates.


As you know, the budget is nearing its finality for 2016 and the process is in constant motion. My staff and I are monitoring each and every action and responding appropriately.  I have included some of the latest issues that are going on that we (the legislative office) have been working on:


  • WNY Children’s Psych Center:  Worked in conjunction with the AFL-CIO to craft  a letter of support  for President Cilento to deliver to the OMH commissioner. This was an additional supportive piece to keep the Children’s Psych center open.  (See attached).  In addition, we have been in contact with each elected official in Western NY to convey PEF’s opposition to any thought of closure.


  • We  have  met with several key legislators; including Finance Chair  Senator Young to express our ongoing concerns and have thanked her for her continued support on PEF issues.


  • PEF was successful in having budget language submitted that addressed key Parole issues. Unfortunately, the NYC Mayor’s Office opposition to the PEF proposed language has led to a temporary setback and the language was removed. We will work to get this introduced as a stand alone bill in both houses.  Additional points of interest:  Both houses have included funding for parole officer classes and/or a new academy.  The Assembly has re-allocated 1.5 million dollars to support the purchase of 120 new vehicles for use by parole officers.
  • We continue to fight the Governor’s design- build proposal.
  • We rejected and fought off language that would have allowed DOH to circumvent the Civil Service Process and bring in new consultants.



We appreciate the many letters that have been returned to legislative department and delivered to the appropriate Senators and Assemblypersons. To date, we have received over 4,000 letters on our budget lobbying efforts.


As we are in the final hours of budget talks, I would suggest that a phone call to your local Assemblyperson or Senator would be a great way to compliment our efforts here in Albany.  I have included the general phone numbers and you can then ask for your Senator and Assemblyperson.  Please email me for additional questions or information GAmorosi@pef.org



NYS Assembly  518-455-4100

NYS  Senate      518-455-2800



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