PEF Region 8 Member Engagement Blitz is on!

Here is the meeting schedule:

Location Agencies Date & Time
Harriman Building 8 Tax & Finance Mon 3/13, 12-3, room 255
8 Computer Drive (Building 8) State Insurance Fund Mon 3/13, 12:00 – 12:30 Building 8 break room
15 Computer Drive (Building 15) State Insurance Fund Mon 3/13, 1:00 – 1:30 Building 15 break room
Harriman Building 5 DSHES Mon 3/13, 12:15-1:00pm, basement meeting room
1 Watervliet Ave State Insurance Fund Tues 3/14, 11:30-1:30, cafeteria
49 4th Street Troy (atrium) DOL Tues 3/14, 11:30-1:45, Conference room C
Harriman Building 7A DSHES Tues 3/14, 12:15-1:00pm, 1st floor training room. To the right off the lobby.
Empire State Plaza Building 3 Public Service Tues 3/14, 11am-noon, Agency Bldg 3 Empire State Plaza, Hearing Rm 3 on the Third Floor
Corning Tower OGS, DOH Tues 3/14, 11-2pm, Meeting Room 6
99 Washington Ave, One Commerce Plaza DOH, State Insurance, HESC Tues 3/14 11:30-2PM WW Meeting RM 3rd Floor.
CDPC 75 New Scotland CDPC Wed 3/15, 12-1pm (security escorts to room)
800 North Pearl DOH/OMIG Wed 3/15, noon-12:30, Frank Fezza Room
200 Broadway Troy Law Wed 3/15, 5 p.m., Bootleggers 200 Broadway Troy, NY
625 Broadway Encon, DED, Parks Wed 3/15, noon-1pm, Public Assembly Room 129A&B in Theater Style B
44 Holland OPWDD Wed 3/15, noon-12:30, conference room 4B
Harriman Campus Building 22 DSHES Wed 3/15, 12:15-1:00pm, Office of Emergency Management OEM 2nd sublevel Assembly room
Empire State Plaza Building 1 Division of Tax Appeals Wed 3/15, noon to 1:30pm, 3 sessions of 30 minutes Main Conference Rm.
75 New Scotland Ave CDPC Wed 3/15, 12-1pm (team will be escorted to the room and members will know where to go) Parking on New Scotland side
50 Wolf Rd DOT Wed 3/15 11:40- 1:10 Conference Rm 3N02
99 Washington Ave/One Commerce Plaza Office Temporary and Disability Assistance Wed 12:00- 12:30 9th Flr Lunch Room
1450 Western Ave. OASAS, Alc. & Bev Control Thurs 3/16, noon-1pm, 4th floor Conference Room
10 Airline Drive Ag & Markets Thurs 3/16, noon-1:30, Produce Room
40 N. Pearl OTDA Thurs 3/16, 12-12:30 or 12:45-1:15, Large Conference Room 16th Floor
110 State Street Audit & Control (OSC) Thurs 3/16, 11:30-2pm, 3rd floor meeting room 3CDE
Corning Tower OGS Thurs 3/16, 12:15-1:00pm, 29th floor training room
Swan Street Building (6 South Swan Street) OITS, DMV Thurs 3/16, 11:30-2pm, Room 137
89 Washington Ave State Ed Thurs 3/16 11:30-2PM 5th Flr Chancellors Hall
Harriman Building 12 DOL Friday 3/17, 11am-2pm, Cafeteria
150 Broadway, Menands Workers Comp Friday 11:30-1PM Room 117

Rally to Protest Unfair Work Practices Tomorrow

OCFS Rally

Support the Momentive 26!

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PEF Legislative Priorities and and how you can help!

PEF on the Move: Legislative Budget Fightback 2017

PEF Members:

The PEF Legislative Department, SWPAC and leadership have been actively engaged with our 2017 budget priorities.

In addition to carefully analyzing the budget, preparing budget documents and providing Senate and Assembly leaders with pertinent PEF budget priorities, we have arranged multiple budget testimonies so that numerous agencies and job titles were represented this year. Besides the written testimony provided to the Workforce Development Budget Committee, we have had experts provide testimony at the following hearings; Tony Perez and Penny Howansky at the Public Protection Budget Hearings, Paul Gendron and Karen Patterson will be providing testimony at the February 15th Transportation Budget Hearing, Ed Snow and Virginia Davey have provided testimony for the Mental Hygiene Budget Hearing.

Legislator’s that I have spoken to have already mentioned that they appreciate the continuous flow of information from PEF members and our legislative department. Please take a moment to read, forward and seek out members that will return a completed letter or make a local legislative visit for our budget member engagement. Currently, SWPAC Chairs and PEF PALS are securing meetings across the state between their members and local state legislators.

We have until April 1, 2017 and I would ask that you encourage your members to take the time to visit, email or call their local legislators with the information attached. Making this a team effort will assist in stopping the damaging aspects of the 2017 budget proposals described below.

If additional information or assistance is needed, please feel free to contact our legislative department

Thank you,
Wayne Spence

The Legislative Office and PEF Statewide PAC have assembled the following PEF budget priorities for the 2017-18 Executive Budget. Please keep in mind; these are budget priorities, not legislative priorities. (Note: For the most part, budget priorities are January thru March and legislative priorities occur from April thru June.)

This list represents issues that have been identified for action by the PEF legislative office and SWPAC.

Priority opposition issues are:

  • The continued erosion of the Civil Service system and the privatization of positions currently/formerly held by PEF members. A.2005/A.3005 Part Q S.2008/A,3008 Part P/   Send letter
  • Down sizing of OPWDD and OMH (Including the slated closure of Bernard Fineson, the merger of the Children’s Psychiatric Center [WNYCPC], plans to consolidate the Institute for Basic Research, and the Hutchings Children and Youth Services center. S.2007/A.3007 Part O / Send letter
  • Eliminating reimbursement of the Supplemental Medicare Part B premiums for state retirees and the freezing of reimbursement for new state retirees. S.2005/ A.3005 Part S / Send letter
  • The differential health care premium contributions, based on years of service, for state employees who retire after September 30, 2017. A.3005/S.2005 Part T / Send letter
  • The proposal to create a new Division of Central Administrative Hearings which will reorganize and consolidate administrative hearing functions within all Executive agencies. This will impact all of our Administrative Law Judges and the New Yorkers they serve.A.3006/ S.2006 Part U / Send letter
  • A proposal that allows DOCCS Commissioner to circumvent the Parole Board and lead to the reduction of NYS Parole Officers. S.2005/A.3005 Part E / Send letter

New Training Opportunities for PEF Members

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