PEF Legislative Priorities and and how you can help!

PEF on the Move: Legislative Budget Fightback 2017

PEF Members:

The PEF Legislative Department, SWPAC and leadership have been actively engaged with our 2017 budget priorities.

In addition to carefully analyzing the budget, preparing budget documents and providing Senate and Assembly leaders with pertinent PEF budget priorities, we have arranged multiple budget testimonies so that numerous agencies and job titles were represented this year. Besides the written testimony provided to the Workforce Development Budget Committee, we have had experts provide testimony at the following hearings; Tony Perez and Penny Howansky at the Public Protection Budget Hearings, Paul Gendron and Karen Patterson will be providing testimony at the February 15th Transportation Budget Hearing, Ed Snow and Virginia Davey have provided testimony for the Mental Hygiene Budget Hearing.

Legislator’s that I have spoken to have already mentioned that they appreciate the continuous flow of information from PEF members and our legislative department. Please take a moment to read, forward and seek out members that will return a completed letter or make a local legislative visit for our budget member engagement. Currently, SWPAC Chairs and PEF PALS are securing meetings across the state between their members and local state legislators.

We have until April 1, 2017 and I would ask that you encourage your members to take the time to visit, email or call their local legislators with the information attached. Making this a team effort will assist in stopping the damaging aspects of the 2017 budget proposals described below.

If additional information or assistance is needed, please feel free to contact our legislative department

Thank you,
Wayne Spence

The Legislative Office and PEF Statewide PAC have assembled the following PEF budget priorities for the 2017-18 Executive Budget. Please keep in mind; these are budget priorities, not legislative priorities. (Note: For the most part, budget priorities are January thru March and legislative priorities occur from April thru June.)

This list represents issues that have been identified for action by the PEF legislative office and SWPAC.

Priority opposition issues are:

  • The continued erosion of the Civil Service system and the privatization of positions currently/formerly held by PEF members. A.2005/A.3005 Part Q S.2008/A,3008 Part P/   Send letter
  • Down sizing of OPWDD and OMH (Including the slated closure of Bernard Fineson, the merger of the Children’s Psychiatric Center [WNYCPC], plans to consolidate the Institute for Basic Research, and the Hutchings Children and Youth Services center. S.2007/A.3007 Part O / Send letter
  • Eliminating reimbursement of the Supplemental Medicare Part B premiums for state retirees and the freezing of reimbursement for new state retirees. S.2005/ A.3005 Part S / Send letter
  • The differential health care premium contributions, based on years of service, for state employees who retire after September 30, 2017. A.3005/S.2005 Part T / Send letter
  • The proposal to create a new Division of Central Administrative Hearings which will reorganize and consolidate administrative hearing functions within all Executive agencies. This will impact all of our Administrative Law Judges and the New Yorkers they serve.A.3006/ S.2006 Part U / Send letter
  • A proposal that allows DOCCS Commissioner to circumvent the Parole Board and lead to the reduction of NYS Parole Officers. S.2005/A.3005 Part E / Send letter

New Training Opportunities for PEF Members

PSWP Flyer EmotionalIntell 2.6.17PSWP Flyer EmotionalIntell_p2_ 2.6.17

Please show your support for our brothers and sisters at Western New York Children’s Psychiatric Center


Momentive Strike Support Needed

Hello All

I received the following information from Mark Emanation from the Capital District Area Labor Federation, lets go out and support our brothers and sisters fighting for all of our futures. An injury to one is an injury to all!


I am writing to invite you to join the 702 members of IUE-CWA Locals 81359 & 81380 on the picket line this coming Saturday, February, 4 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm. The workers have been on strike for over 90 days. They are on the front lines of the fight of working people against corporate greed. They are staying strong and winning more and more solidarity everyday but it has taken a toll on their families and that’s why this Saturday is so special. This Saturday is a family day on the line. We are encouraging everyone to bring their kids and their families. Let’s raise spirits and show the billionaires that own Momentive that we take care of our own!

Strike Family

Please share the attached flier.

kidsrally 2.1.17

See you there,




Mark Emanatian

Capital District Area Labor Federation

Area Labor News

Hi Folks,

I wanted to bring everyone up to speed about the Honeywell Strike situation that has been ongoing for a significant period of time. I received the following letter from Mark Emanation of the Capital District Area Labor Federation who writes:

Hi Everyone,

The UAW 1508 members have been locked out for 17​5 days. The union and the company  are back at negotiations ​this next week. So far, Honeywell has not moved and so far the union members have stood firm in their resolve.

The solidarity and support from unions, community organizations, clergy and the general public has been outstanding here and in Indiana. But the situation is desperate and unemployment insurance runs out in mid November.

We need one big push to help these workers over the top. We have to let the company know that our solidarity is unwavering. One way we can do that is by supporting the workers financially. With this in mind, the Labor-Religion Coalition has set up an Action Network Strike Assistance Fund.

​  Please note, all contributions will be forwarded to the Strike Assistance Fund via the Labor-Religion Coalition.​


Here is the link to the fund:

If we can get this out far and wide to our members and to the community as a whole, I believe we can raise a lot of money and support for these courageous workers and their families.

Let’s make this a great win for Labor and working people everywhere!

In Solidarity,



Can we please help our Brothers and Sister in Labor out? I have given a donation personally but, it would be so great if all of you can contribute whatever you can afford. If we help these folks to persevere in the face of Honeywell’s CEO’s draconian demands to reduce their salaries, benefits and retirement benefits, we, the labor movement, will be strengthened immeasurably!