PEF is engaged in a letter writing campaign to remove the retiree health benefit cost increases included in Governor Cuomo’s budget.

The governor’s budget is out and it contains some language that could be very negative for PEF members and state employees in general. One area of concern is the section regarding increasing the costs to retirees (both current and future) for their health insurance. One section proposes to raise the cost of health insurance for all future retirees with less than 30 years of service at retirement. This would create a disincentive for employees of retirement age with less than 30 years of service to stay and would potentially cause a mass exodus from the state workforce. This is a serious issue as we are already being asked to do more with less and the loss of so many experienced staff could completely cripple services in many agencies. So Please, print two copies (one for your state senator and one for your assembly person) of the attached letter retiree health costs letter 2 1 16, write in your name and address and then send it to PEF’s legislative office at:

PEF Legislative Office

90 State St

suite 1029

Albany, NY 12207

  • Note: You may also ask your steward to forward this information to the legislative office.

Once received PEF will write in your legislators name and forward the letter.

Please check back periodically as there will be another letter generated shortly to address the other issues in the governor’s budget. Thank You for supporting yourselves! Together we are strong!

For further information on the governor’s budget and PEF’s positions please see: budget memo to legislators 21116

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