Region 8 Makes a Difference at Habitat for Humanity

IMG_3935Had a great day volunteering at the Albany Habitat for Humanity ReStore, made and served lunch to the volunteers and crew at both the store and the worksite on Orange St in Albany. So proud of all of the volunteers and so very grateful that Region 8 has so many caring members ready to step up and volunteer to help their fellow citizens. That’s what being a Union Member is all about! Service to one another and to the community at large!

image0000001 (2)

PEF Division 240 NYS Insurance Fund  Collected Bag’s of Bags to Donate to Habitat!

image0000001 (1)

The outdoor work crew gathers for a photo near the completion of the outdoor beautification project.


Jeff Hutchinson from NYS Insurance Fund working hard to beautify the Habitat ReStore!


Jeff and Mario Chiarello working hard!


Orange St Habitat Project

IMG_3928 IMG_3927 IMG_3926 IMG_3925

The Work crew enjoyed the lunch prepared by Region 8 members and their families to donate to the Habitat!


Some completed Habitat Houses. They are rebuilding the community one building at a time!

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