Region 8 Update

Hi Folks, Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

So, there are so many things going on the region that I just wanted to give everyone an update. So here’s the scoop!

The UAW Workers at the Honeywell Plant in Green Island are on strike and could use our help.

This is an appeal to all of us here in Region 8 from Bill Ritchie of the Capital District Area Labor Federation (PEF Is a standing member of this organization) :


The Honeywell lockout of 43 UAW #1508 workers at the aircraft brake component plants at Green Island and South Bend, Indiana (300+ workers) has been ongoing since May 9.  This is a struggle for a decent contract in the face of outrageous employer demands.  Attempts have been made at mediation, but Honeywell remains doggedly intransigent.  This is a classic attempt on the part of a ruthless employer to bust the local in Green Island and South Bend, Indiana.   

 Our ACCFL Executive Committee has committed Thursdays of each week from 5:00 – 7:00 pm to support the brothers and sisters on the picket line.  The plant is located at 3 Tibbets Avenue and the picket line is at the main gate on Dyke Avenue (Use “Cohoes Boulevard” exit on 787).    Our weekly picket line support was off to a good start yesterday (July 7th). The picket line operates 24/7 and with 43 workers welcomes support at any time of the day or nightAny and all contributions of time will be appreciated.  Picketing signs will be provided at the site.

* I am asking all members to consider going out to help on the picket lines. If you are able to help Please Contact me: Michael Blue at or 518-785-1900 ext 228 to let me know if you are able to volunteer some of your time to help the UAW workers who are struggling to protect a fair wage and decent benefits for themselves and ultimately, all of us! 

This strike is not simply about getting a contract for our sisters and brothers.  It is about defending Local 1508 members, their families, their community and, in the final analysis, defending ourselves and our families.  We must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our front-line working class fighters.  In Solidarity, Bill

PEF Civil Service Enforcement Department Issues Selective Certification Protest Letter. 

Civil Service Enforcement Director Stephen Connolly has sent a letter to Civil Service to protest NYS agencies uses of the Selective Certification Process to circumvent Civil Service Merit and Fitness. The letter requests that Civil Service suspend the use of the Selective Certification process until “a just, nondiscriminatory, more objective, and robust examination process..” can be determined and implemented. I am attaching the letter here: Selective Certification examinations for all agencies.

We are gearing up for the the 38th Annual PEF Convention in Rochester September 25-28, 2016. Region 8 will again be providing a bus. Please see the attached delegate letter here: Delegate Dinner 2016 Invitation and the Delegate Response form here: DELEGATE Response Form-2016

Oh and let’s not forget about our Region 8 Golf Tournament on August 8, (Complete information in a previous post below.) and the Region 8 Bus to the New York State Fair on August 25th (Tickets to the fair $4 and the bus ride is free!!!) Please call Andrea Coton to sign up for either at 518-785-1900 ext 215.

And Stay Tuned for the announcement of a great family event to be held here at PEF HQ. (Please hold the date for September 10th (Rain Date September 11th))

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