Region 8 Updates 1/26/18

Good Afternoon Region 8 Members and Leaders,

         Please see some important updates on issues and events in Region 8:

  • There was an incident reported to me as Regional Coordinator and as Chair of the Article 19 Parking Committee in the Sheridan Hollow Parking Garage. This incident was reported on the local news and in the report a women was approached at about 8 A.M. while waiting for an elevator, was told that it was a robbery and reportedly she then pepper sprayed the alleged robber. Upon hearing of this incident, we (The committee and I) commenced an investigation to attempt to learn more regarding the incident and what the states response to the incident would be. We have done that through direct contact with OGS management as well as contact with the Governor’s Office of Employee Relations (GOER) and we are awaiting a response. We have been advised that currently OGS has increased the level of staffing within the garages in direct response to this incident. We will be following up this incident with a walk through and evaluation of the safety and security of the garages for our fellow members. In the interim, we are asking for feedback from our members and or from our leaders. If you have any information, suggestions or comments please send them to me ( for follow up with GOER and OGS.

  • Region 8 New Stewards Training is February 3rd and there are still spaces available. Please have stewards contact Andrea Coton at 518-785-1900 ext 228 and or email to attend.

  • There are still upcoming MLK film showings Next event will be Thursday February 8th at the Presbyterian New England Congregational Church, 24 Circular St. Saratoga Springs, NY.  Flyer is here: 2.8.18 MLK saratoga final flyer

  • Last but certainly not least…SAVE THE DATE… February 24th will be a Janus Rally at Foley Square in Manhattan. Transportation will be available for members wishing to attend. Let’s show our power and our strength. Further details to come. Please check the website or PEF Region 8 Facebook pages for updates (Or alternately the website)

Thank You all for the hard work you do.

Together we win!


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