Hi Everyone, just wanted to share some great news I received today from the Hotel Trade Council (The union representing the workers at the Albany Hilton Hotel) 

Dear Michael Blue:

The Hotel Trades Council is proud to announce that it has signed an excellent union contract with the Hilton Albany, ending the four-month boycott and picketing of the hotel.

The agreement was ratified by the employees with 99% in favor. Management agreed to drop all of its demands for givebacks from the employees. Instead, the employees will keep their pension plan, and have won significant wage increases, improvements in health and other benefits, and additional rights and protections including new anti-discrimination provisions and the installation of a “panic button” system which will protect the safety of employees and incidentally, of guests as well from harassment and assault. The contract will continue through April 30, 2022.

The employees of the Hilton Albany and their 35,000 fellow members of HTC are very appreciative for the overwhelming support they have received from the Albany area labor movement, allied progressive organizations, elected state and local officials, institutions, businesses, the local community and the general public.

This boycott worked, and demonstrates that solidarity among fair-minded people can be more than a match for the power of wealth.

Now that this dispute is over we strongly urge all our friends and supporters to come back and enjoy the beautiful facilities and convenient downtown location of the Hilton Albany. We promise you will receive superb and attentive service from a grateful staff.


Peter Ward
President, Hotel Trades Council, AFL-CIO

The New York Hotel Trades Council, AFL-CIO
707 8th Ave
New York, NY 10036-7102


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