Ride the Bus for the future of PEF and all unions!

Calling all PEF Region 8 Activists,

Please sign up to Ride the bus to support our endorsed candidate Hillary Clinton and those candidates who will help ensure that the Supreme Court will be fair to Unions and who will support our right to collectively bargain! It would be a true service to yourselves, your union and your families and communities. After all, it was the labor movement that created the middle class and it is the labor movement who can save it!

Please see the sign up information below!


BOTH Of our parent unions (AFT and SEIU)  are running buses to battleground states: And due to our proximity to New Hampshire, that will be our destination.

 AFT/NYSUT has a bus going on October 22nd:

Bus will be leaving at 5 a.m. from NYSUT HQ going to Manchester, NH.

All buses will arrive at their destination at approximately 9 a.m.

All buses, on both days, will leave their designated staging location at approximately 4 p.m.

Upon arrival, riders will be assigned teams and “turf” and given an orientation of the “walk area” along with a description of the voters (persuadable, base, likely, etc.).  We will not know the precise neighborhood until right before arrival as the campaigns often need to rapidly adjust strategies and these events are still weeks away.

For October 22nd, all registration will be handled by NYSUT’s Meeting and Facilities Department.  Please contact Kathy Leisenfelder at (518) 213-6000 or kleisenf@nysutmail.org.

The Capital District bus now leaving on October 22, 2016, is a smaller-seated bus, only 36 seats. Thus registration for this bus is a must.  If you want to participate please contact the Capital District Office a.s.a.p.



SEIU is running buses on multiple dates and In the Albany area they will be leaving from 1199 SEIU HQ IN Albany or PEF HQ. (Will send further details as they become available.)

October 22nd (1199 weekend warriors + local, in-state volunteers)

Upstate NY/MA/RI/CT à New Hampshire (Manchester & Keene)


Sample Schedule for a Saturday Weekend Warrior:

7/7:30am departure: (meet up, breakfast served)

9:30/10: Arrive in Philadelphia (or whatever city)

10:00-11:00 Union Action/Training

11:00-4:00pm Volunteer opportunity for Hilary Clinton (Campaign will provide transportation if needed and a bag lunch)

4:00pm board buses and return home

If you are signing up to take the AFT/NYSUT Bus please call the number listed above as well as notify Andrea Coton that you intend to do so. If you would like to ride the SEIU/PEF bus, please let Andrea Coton know by COB on Thursday 10/20/16 at acoton@pef.org or 518-785-1900 Ext 215

In unity there is Strength!

54K = 1!


Michael Blue

Region 8 Coordinator


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