Region 8 Updates

Hi Folks: I have received a lot of inquiries about the February 24th Working People’s Day of Action and the Stand Strong For Labor Rally on February 26th,  consequently, I wanted to share this information from PEF’s main website about two separate opportunities available for us to demonstrate our commitment to our union and the great things we’ve gained through our struggles, like great benefits, fair pay, a pension and safer workplaces. 

If you are able to travel to NY City on Saturday February 24th to help show the supreme court, the president and all those who seek to diminish our ability to collectively bargain here is the information about that: (Make sure to scroll down if you are interested in the Stand Strong Rally, instead.)


PEF Members: Join the Working People’s Day of Action in NYC. 
Thousands of working people and our allies will be standing up for our freedoms and demanding an end to the system that’s rigged against us. Saturday, February 24th at 11:00 AM • 111 Worth St. – Foley Square – NYC.
Need a ride to the rally? PEF is offering free transportation to the rally.
Albany Bus Schedule and to RSVP CLICK HERE
• 6:30AM-Pick Up Crossgates (Macy’s end, overflow lot)
• 7:45AM-Pick Up  Newburgh Mall  (1401 NY-300, Newburgh NY, 12550)
• 8:30AM-Pick Up  Exit 14 Park and Ride( 11 S. Pascack Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977)
• 9:45AM-Drop Off  Foley Square.  (111 Worth Street, NY, NY 10013)   * Exact point will be decided on arrival
• 3:00PM-Pick Up  Foley Square (111 Worth Street, NY, NY 10013) * Exact point will be agreed upon on arrival
• 4:30 PM-Drop Off  Exit 14 Park and Ride (11 S. Pascack Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977)
• 5:15PM-Drop Off  Newburgh Mall (1401 NY-300, Newburgh, NY 12550)
• 6:30PM-Drop Off  Crossgates (Macy’s end overflow lot)


If you would like to show your support for our union and you can’t make it to NYC on the 24th, here is the information about the Stand Strong for Labor Rally:


Hope to see you out there standing together to keep our union strong!

PEF’s activities at this weekends New York Association of Black and Puerto Rican legislators conference

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to let you all know about the activities coming up this weekend in Albany at the NYS ABPRL Conference:

First, there is the PEF Black Caucus Reception this Friday night, which is open to all members. It is a great event and this year looks to be very interesting. Hope to see everyone there. pef black caucus event flyer 2018-page-001

If you need a copy of the flyer go here: pef black caucus event flyer 2018

On Saturday, PEF is sponsoring several events and a booth. That information is below.

NYSABPR Conference Event Flyer 2018-page-001

For a copy of the flyer go here: NYSABPR Conference Event Flyer 2018


In addition to PEF’s sponsored events, the weekend has many other educational and lobbying opportunities. For more information please go to the NYS ABPRL Website here:




Please take action:


Hi Everyone, its time once again, to fight back against sections of the NYS Budget that would hurt our members and or retirees. Please read the following information from our main website and take action. After all, we win when we work together! 

Sent on Behalf of President Spence:
PEF Members,

The PEF Legislative Department, SWPAC and leadership have been actively engaged with our 2018-19 budget priorities (See Attached).

In addition to carefully analyzing the budget, preparing budget documents and providing Senate and Assembly leaders with pertinent PEF budget priorities, on January 24, 2018 I once again had the honor of representing the PEF membership by giving testimony at the 2018 Workforce Development Joint Legislative Public Hearing. Though my oral remarks were abbreviated, our entire written testimony was submitted to the Joint Hearing Panel.

Legislators that I have spoken to have already mentioned that they appreciate the continuous flow of information from PEF, PEF members and our legislative department. Please take a moment to read the attached and forward to members that will return a completed letter or make a local legislative visit for our budget member engagement. Making this a team effort will assist in stopping the damaging aspects of the 2018 budget proposals described below:

Click on link to send email letter:

  • Preserving the Civil Service System: The budget calls for allowing 300 people to enter high level positions within the ITS state workforce, without ever taking a New York State Civil Service exam. Selective tailoring of employment must be stopped and investment in New York State employee training needs to be resurrected.

  • Ella McQueen : Proposed fast-track closure of the Ella McQueen Reception Center for Boys and Girls in Brooklyn with only 30 days notice instead of the 12 months required by current law.

  • Design Build: This proposal increases the number of projects that can be designed, built and inspected by a single entity. State employees, whose only interest is public safety and quality of work would not be consulted. PEF will continue its vigorous opposition to Design Build because we know that without proper State oversight, design-build allows for opportunities to skimp on critical component materials. As a consequence, to save money, concrete that is supposed to last twenty-years may only last five years or the proper amount of reinforcement steel (rebar) to ensure project longevity can be overlooked when no one is watching.

  • SUNY Hospitals: Once again they are being targeted with a proposal in the budget to manipulate the funding support for SUNY’s three teaching hospitals by 78.6 million dollars and once again we will fight to keep our hospitals public.

  • Mental Health : Proposal to allow locally-operated jails as well as state prisons to house and treat individuals until they are restored to competency.

  • Medicare Cuts : If adopted, this would constitute a significant diminishment of established healthcare benefits for Medicare-eligible retirees enrolled in the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP).

If additional information or assistance is needed, please feel free to contact PEF legislative director, Greg Amorosi at: GAmorosi@PEF.ORG.

Currently, SWPAC Chairs and PEF PALS are securing meetings across the state between their members and local state legislators. We have until April 1, 2018 and I would ask that you encourage your members to take the time to visit, email or call their local legislators with the information attached.

At the same time we are engaged in a budget fightback, all unions are bracing for what appears to be an all but certain ruling against unions in the Janus v. AFSCME case, but this will not hinder our resolve and our efforts to build a stronger union.

We know that our efforts to engage members more deeply in the union is not about any one Supreme Court case, so not only did we continue our membership engagement efforts – we increased them! We built a membership engagement campaign around two contract ratification votes. Our success was clear and resulted in historic turnouts in both votes with percentage of YES votes at 96% and 97%. That work now serves as our foundation to build more union capacity as we face new uncertainty about the future of labor in the United States.

As president of this union, it is my job to make sure we step up our conversations about pathways back to increased membership involvement and activism. With your help, we now have beat back the “con-con” attempt and PEF is now leading the way for fighting Janus.

What are some other things can you do?

Wayne Spence
PEF President

Some new Membership Engagement Opportunities


If you are interested in helping to build and strengthen our union in the face of Janus Vs Afscme, please consider joining us on the following dates and times: 

February 8th: click here 

February 15th: Please click here

February 24th: click here  

March 3rd: Click here for Training


February New Stewards

Was very happy to see a good group of new stewards come to today’s training. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to learn how to be an effective steward and member mobilizer. It is critical that we all work together to strengthen our connections to one another to fight back against those who would weaken our power.

New Stewards learn about grievance handling from Field Representative Ed Bradley.

New Stewards learn about grievance handling from Field Representative Ed Bradley.

New Stewards Learn about Grievance Handling from Field Representative Ed Bradley.

At the conclusion of a long but hopefully worthwhile training day!