Danielle Bridger
Region 8 Coordinator

There is something intriguing and captivating about the members in Region 8. They provide irreplaceable state expertise whether they are rebuilding a bridge, designing a new and innovative plan in the field of information technology, responding to disasters (natural or man-made), providing health care and many many more professional services.  We provide the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services that New York State’s Citizens depend on!

Region 8 is comprised of caring individuals who are dedicated volunteers in their communities. You can find them enriching lives whether it be, planning activities for disabled children, contributing to food banks or raising awareness to the needs of those less fortunate.

Region 8 members are not only willing to have a voice in their Union, but are also willing to have a voice for those whose voices cannot be heard. We live in a time where organized labor and the public employee are being challenged with increasing privatization of services.

As the Regional Coordinator, I invite you to become a part of the PEF Region 8 team and help us continue to build a vibrant, strong, collaborative and open Union of Solidarity.   Together, we will have a powerful voice, one that lawmakers can’t ignore. We can take one voice and turn it into a choir of voices for all to hear. Let’s become Union Strong together!!

We are One!

Danielle Bridger