Parole release of ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols a slap in the face to parole officers

The New York State Public Employees Federation (PEF) denounces granting state parole to infamous Queens drug lord Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols, who orchestrated the murder of Parole Officer Brian Rooney for $5,000 in blood money.    Nichols ordered Rooney killed by two of his lieutenants, Howard “Pappy” Mason and Chris Williams. The “contract” was executed the… Continue reading Parole release of ‘Fat Cat’ Nichols a slap in the face to parole officers

Michael Darcy Scholarship ($1,900)

Scholarship Applications – The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region ( Michael Darcy Scholarship ($1,900): This scholarship is open to New York State employees. Applicants must be members of Public Employees Federation (PEF) Region 8; Grade 18 or less. Click here to begin.Already started? Click here to keep working.

PEF Budget Priorities

Letters, we’ve got letters! – PEF

PEF Budget Priorities

PEF Members:PEF’s Legislative and Civil Service departments have analyzed the proposed Executive Budget and put together this list of PEF Budget Priorities. Now is when we need to show our union strength.  Based on those priorities, we’ve created letter-writing campaigns to communicate to elected leaders in the New York State Legislature where PEF members stand on… Continue reading PEF Budget Priorities

Civil Service Study Guides

For many of you about to take civil service exams, I am providing the following study guides to help you along.