Capital District Labor Day Parade

Michael L. Burns Labor Day Parade Friday, September 8, 2023     Arrive Time: 4:45pm     Park at the Corning Preserve beneath 787     CDTA buses will shuttle participants to the Parade Start at      Academy Park across from State Capitol.      Parade line up below NYS Education building.       Line up between 5:00-5:15pm.  Parade kicks off at 6pm!      Food, Music, Rock… Continue reading Capital District Labor Day Parade

Retro Pay and Raises

The Office of the New York State Comptroller has released its payroll bulletin about the first of the 3% raises secured by the new PS&T contract. This raise is retroactive to the expiration of the last contract. Please click here to read the full bulletin. Retroactive payment will be made on the following dates:


Contract Ballots will be mailed out by AAA on 7/5/23. If any members have not received their ballot by 7/12/23 – have them contact AAA at 1-800-529-5218. It is crucial that your ballot is received by 5p.m. on 7/27/23 to be counted. Ballots will be counted on 7/28/23.


With a majority of PEF and the state’s proposals now on the table,contract negotiations on a successor PS&T agreement are movingforward and PEF is urging the state to pick up the pace even more.“Our team is ready and willing to pick up the pace of negotiationsand we hope the state will begin to engage in… Continue reading PEF CONTRACT UPDATE

PEF fights for you! Opt out of those annoying Opt Out emails!

PEF Members: Many of you went into work today and saw an email from Ryan Brooks. Who is Ryan Brooks? Ryan is the outreach coordinator for the anti-union Freedom Foundation and one of its branch organizations Opt Out Today. These anti-union organizations have committed $20 million to weaken unions here in New York State. They… Continue reading PEF fights for you! Opt out of those annoying Opt Out emails!

Sent on behalf of President Spence:

RE: Thanksgiving Special for PEF members PEF Leaders,   As you may be aware, today there was another attempt by the union busting company “opt-out-today” to infiltrate and corrupt the PEF membership via the New York State email system. FYI- opt-out-today is an affiliate of the Freedom Foundation.  The email was titled, “Thanksgiving Special for… Continue reading Sent on behalf of President Spence: