PEF Budget Priorities

PEF Members:PEF’s Legislative and Civil Service departments have analyzed the proposed Executive Budget and put together this list of PEF Budget Priorities. Now is when we need to show our union strength.  Based on those priorities, we’ve created letter-writing campaigns to communicate to elected leaders in the New York State Legislature where PEF members stand on certain budget items.  This year we are once again asking members to take a few minutes out of your busy day to send letters that oppose or support legislation within the proposed state budget. 
For Fiscal Year 2022-2023, PEF opposes: Continued use of the design-build program and the raiding of funds from the Dedicated Highway and Bridge Trust Fund:
For Fiscal Year 2022-2023, PEF supports: Expanding the Healthcare Workforce Bonuses program:
Reinvesting DOCCS savings into State programs:
Rebuilding safety net mental health, developmental disability and addiction services for at-risk New Yorkers:
Appropriately allocating Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) funds in the State Budget:
Improving retiree healthcare programs and instituting a permanent COLA:
Continuing telecommuting for eligible state employees:
Reforming the Tier 6 pension plan:
Clicking the link under each PEF priority will you take you to the page where you enter your information and can edit the pre-written letter to your liking. Each letter should take less than a minute to complete and send. These letters will automatically be sent to your local Senate and Assembly member based on your zip code. I want you to know that together our collective voices really do make a difference. If you read PEF’s “Fund our Future” campaign literature, you will see that many of our ideas were incorporated in the current budget proposal. Those Fund Our Future materials were provided to the governor and our voices were heard. Let’s let legislators hear those same voices now!  It’s finally time to invest in the quality public services – and the public workforce – that every member of PEF represents.Due to COVID restrictions, it will not be feasible to conduct in-person lobby days or legislative visits again this year. So it is even more imperative that every PEF member send a letter, email or call their local senator and assemblyperson. We need to let them know why these legislative priorities are so important.  Here is some additional background to help inform your advocacy:
PEF’s 2022-2023 Budget PrioritiesPEF legislative testimony so far this yearVideo: Highlights of DOL Commissioner Reardon and Acting Civil Service Commissioner Corso and GOER Director Volforte answering questions related to PEF priorities
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