PEF fights for you! Opt out of those annoying Opt Out emails!

PEF Members:

Many of you went into work today and saw an email from Ryan Brooks. Who is Ryan Brooks?

Ryan is the outreach coordinator for the anti-union Freedom Foundation and one of its branch organizations Opt Out Today. These anti-union organizations have committed $20 million to weaken unions here in New York State. They are attacking union members by abusing the state email system.

Ryan wants to take away your right to collective bargain, rip away your pensions, and rob you of workplace protections that this union fights so hard for. They want to shave away your health benefits, reduce your time off, and ultimately take away your voice at the workplace.

Don’t be fooled by these attacks. These people will not negotiate for your wages, which Ryan wants to reduce, and these anti-union forces want to privatize your job. Ryan will not fight to keep your healthcare costs in check. He wants you to pay more to line the pockets of private companies. Ryan won’t have your back when an appointed manager with personal connections starts to apply disciplinary pressure for no good reason.

Click here for a document detailing who Opt Out Today and the Freedom Foundation really are. I know that you are tired of seeing these emails. We consistently hear from members who are rightfully upset that these emails are not being blocked, so today why don’t you send Ryan a message of your own? Just open the original email he sent, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “unsubscribe.”

In Unity, Wayne Spence
PEF President