PEF Budget Priorities

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PEF Budget Priorities

PEF Members:PEF’s Legislative and Civil Service departments have analyzed the proposed Executive Budget and put together this list of PEF Budget Priorities. Now is when we need to show our union strength.  Based on those priorities, we’ve created letter-writing campaigns to communicate to elected leaders in the New York State Legislature where PEF members stand on… Continue reading PEF Budget Priorities

Civil Service Study Guides

For many of you about to take civil service exams, I am providing the following study guides to help you along.

PEF 2019-2023 Contract

The PEF 2019-2023 Contract is now searchable.

If state lawmakers can telecommute, why not the rest of the state workforce?

PEF President Wayne Spence issued the following statement regarding Gov. Kathy Hochul’s recent executive order allowing the NYS Legislature to meet virtually until Jan. 15: “The strong and decisive action taken by the Governor to protect the legislative branch of government employees should also be extended to the executive branch. The Governor understood that by… Continue reading If state lawmakers can telecommute, why not the rest of the state workforce?

PEF Members Unite

As usual we are facing many challenges in these unprecedented times, from vaccine/test/mask mandates implemented by Governor Hochul, to continued fighting for hazard pay for those front line workers who kept the state going during its most crucial times, to closing facilities, to reducing staffing numbers, to combining agencies, to cutting healthcare to retirees, etc.… Continue reading PEF Members Unite